How to Choose the Best Women’s Activewear

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on August 26 2022

There’s understated power hidden beneath the seams of proper activewear for women. Feel the burn, and sweat out every ounce of your cheat day with the best gym wear to boot! If you’ve never given your activewear a second thought, read ahead to make your next retail run more fun!

The Importance of a Workout Wardrobe

Even quick runs and gym sessions become an uphill climb when you are wriggling through your clothes. The whole workout experience involves a myriad of factors, including the proper routine, pre- and post-meals, and of course your activewear! 

The cute factor is one thing. But your activewear should be more than just Instragrammable. It should be able to perform so you can perform. Not sure where to begin? Below are reasons to give your workout clothes some thought:

  1. Comfort is critical for moving freely
  2. Avoid injury
  3. Controls odour
  4. Regulates body temperature
  5. Boosts confidence and motivation


What’s Underneath Matters 

(In all senses of the phrase!)

Your spirit makes you hit the ground running, but a great pair of sportswear bras do the trick too! Your workout tops should not be too tight or too roomy to let your ta-tas loose! Support is the main thing to look for when you intend to move around a lot in your clothing. Something substantial for high-impact activities yet still flexible to adhere to any body position. 

The key to suitable gym tops is the size and fit. No matter how high the quality of the make and material is, it won’t give the support it is intended to provide when it is ill-fitting. So, take the time to read the sizing guide and find your best buddies for your body!

Think Wick

Moisture-wicking, that is!

This is the magic phrase you should be looking for in the tags of your clothes for the gym. Sweat and all those bodily fluids will overspill through the fabric every time you put your performance on overdrive. When your skin and the rest of your body are coated with breathable and lightweight material, you don’t have to worry about odour, stickiness and all the icky stuff. It’s one thing to jog under the sun's sweltering heat, but it’s another when you scramble under heavy and stuffy gym clothes. 

Keep it cool with the right blend of advanced fabrics. You can get the cotton-soft feel with the form-flattering and supportive compression all in one package! You just have to look at all the right places (hint: you’re looking at it!)

Wear Work & Play Essentials

Flatter from every angle!

You work so hard getting in shape that there’s no reason not to flaunt your progress — no matter how far along you are on your fitness journey! With all the things to consider when buying your gym sets, fashion is usually pushed to the back of the line but athleisure makes it effortlessly easy to put on a chic workout outfit! Pick classic colours in a form-flattering structure that makes you look good and feel good too! 

Plenty of versatile options give you plenty of wear out of your pieces! For example, gym leggings and biker shorts, designed to trim the thighs and emphasize the waist, work even when worn beyond gym hours! Throw a fluffy sweater, crisp button-down or coat over those leggings or shorts for that model-off-duty look.  

It might be a trivial matter to many, but wearing the colours and the design you love will reflect outwardly and add zest to your exercise drill! Add “plan a gym outfit” to your warm-up routine. A good shopping spree will get you in the mood and pump you up to train your threads out!

Keep Yourself in Mind

With everything said and done, the world of women’s activewear is not a one-size-fits-all. You’ll always be on the hunt for something better until you land on the best. But, when you keep yourself, your needs and preferences first on the list, your activewear buys will quickly hold the title of best! Leggings with pockets, crop tops, strappy singlets or maternity leggings, perhaps? Brasilift provides a variety of activewear to cater to and support all women on their fitness journey — while adding extra flair!

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