Best Tummy Control Leggings in 2022: High Waisted, Workout, and More

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on August 16 2022

Working out doesn’t mean the end of wearing outfits that make us look and feel good. In fact, many people love mixing and matching and coming up with new combinations for their workout clothes.

When sweating out, it’s important to be comfortable and confident in what you wear. If there are areas in your body that you’d opt to keep unnoticed, you can find something for that too while enhancing your performance. 

We’ve curated the best tummy control activewear leggings you can wear not just for working out but also for lounging around the house.

  • Emana Full-Length Leggings
  • You can never go wrong with basic black activewear leggings! Regularly wearing the Emana Full-Length Leggings will help reduce the signs of cellulite thanks to its unique formula that combines the properties of polyamide with bio-active crystals. These elements are triggered by body heat, which therefore activates micro-blood circulation and improves skin tone. Classic in look, it’s the perfect leggings for vigorous exercise and performance sports.

  • Supplex Under Knee
  • Not feeling full-length leggings? Don’t fret — the Supplex Under Knee leggings end just below the knee and are made of Supplex to “hold you in” while you work out. It has a great shape retention fabric that gives you a supportive and flattering fit, plus a flat and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness!

    Supplex Under Knee - brasilfit

  • High-Waisted Supplex Under Knee With Pockets
  • What’s better than leggings? Leggings with pockets, of course! The High-Waisted Supplex Under Knee With Pockets promises not only comfort but also a section where you can put your phone, card, and keys. It comes with shape retention fabric for a supportive and flattering fit. These high-waisted leggings also have inner elastic for extra firming and keeping things in place during your active moments. 

  • Pink Cheetah High-Waisted Under Knee
  • Feeling a little adventurous with prints? The Pink Cheetah High-Waisted Under Knee leggings got you covered! These non-slip high-rise leggings have a flat and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness.

    Plus, it has UV 50+ protection so you can run outside even with the heat of the sun. It’s antibacterial, breathable, and eco-friendly too!

    Pink Cheetah High Waisted Under Knee - brasilfit

  • High-Waisted Supplex Full-Length Leggings
  • We love basic black leggings, but something blue like the High-Waisted Supplex Full-Length Leggings has a space in our hearts too!

    Just like a lot of our activewear for women, this pair has inner elastic for extra support and to keep things in place, as well as a flat and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness.

  • Mia High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings
  • Loving prints but not anything too loud? We got you! The Mia High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings have the perfect design for you. What we love about these gym leggings is that their pattern is made through weaving, which means that it’s not printed!

    Not only that. These activewear leggings are both fashionable and functional thanks to their flat wide waistband medium rise and fitted leg so that you can be timelessly stylish in your next pilates class.

  • Blue Spring High-Waisted Under Knee With Pockets
  • In the mood for some florals? The Blue Spring High-Waisted Under Knee With Pockets leggings are calling your name!

    The floral print is awesome, but the fact that these are leggings with pockets on both sides makes it even better! It also has UV 50+ protection to give you that extra confidence when going out. Plus, it’s antibacterial, breathable, and eco-friendly (because of the less usage of water during the production process)!

    Blue Spring High Waisted Under Knee with Pockets - brasilfit

  • Amazonia Under Knee
  • We won’t be running out of printed activewear leggings anytime soon! The Amazonia Under Knee leggings have a cool design and XTREME® fabrics that are breathable. They hold the leggings’ shape, dry faster than cotton, and retain their colour too.

    Just like many of our leggings, these have silky and soft touch fabric which offers high compression and support. All-day workout, anyone?

    One of the many things to love about leggings is that they’re not just great as sportswear. They’re also great for any occasion — movie night, grocery shopping, or just a lazy afternoon at home. They’re also very versatile with other fashion pieces. You can wear them under a sweatshirt, under snowboarding gear. The possibilities are endless!

    Check out Brasilfit for more leggings you’ll love.