Elegant Outfits that Can Take you From Yoga to Brunch

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on September 09 2022

If you are invited to a brunch by your nearest and dearest but do not have the time for a quick wardrobe change after a satisfying workout at the gym, what do you do? Of course, proper etiquette prevails, arriving at the meeting place on time. You don’t have to look dishevelled when you go out to brunch in workout clothes. As athleisure has been super popular in recent years, it’s still possible to look stylish and glam in your workout clothes. 

The secret to the perfect workout brunch outfit is to know the basics. You want to be comfortable but not look messy. You want to appear stylish without trying too hard, and most importantly, ensure that you follow certain dress codes. Unless you are attending a formal brunch, you can wear workout pieces and look like you spent time making yourself look like a stunner. You can wear anything that you fancy. With the right accessories and other staples in your wardrobe, you’ll look forward to a productive day at the gym and a fun brunch for hours on end. 

There is no shortage of inspiration and Instagram-worthy athleisure pieces. Here are a few pieces that you shouldn’t miss adding to your wardrobe:

High Waisted Leggings and Crop Top Combo

The key is that even when you are in leggings, you want to make sure that they are comfortable for you for extended periods. A versatile pair of leggings allow you to do as many activities as possible without looking out of place. For instance, this Ava High Waisted Full Length Legging with Pockets features an elegant snakeskin design that will look awesome during brunch. The subtle colours mean you can match it with any type of footwear. And since it rides high on the waist, you aren’t showing too much skin that other diners might find offensive. 

Ava High Waisted Full Length Legging with Pockets - brasilfit activewear australia

For extra measure, you can wear this lovely and ultra-comfortable Luna Jacket. If you are going to a casual al fresco brunch this Ava Crop Top is an absolute stunner. Featuring a scoop neck and cross straps at the back, you know you have all the support you need, from working out at the gym to going out with friends for an afternoon tea or an extended lunch with family.

luna jacket - brasilfit activewear australia

Pants and T-Shirt Are Okay Too

For a casual brunch, nothing beats a stretchable Extra Long Dance Pants and shirt outfit. Sure, it’s not as fancy as a summer dress but it delivers superior comfort. If you just stepped out of your yoga class and received a last-minute brunch invite, this combination will never fail you. If you don’t want to miss out on the juicy stories at your brunch, this pants and Mariana T-shirt combo will look on trend and stylish, too. 

Extra Long Dance Pants - brasilfit activewear australia

Never Forget to Accessorise

Having workout staples in block colours have its advantages, one of which is that you can always wear them for brunch! Yes, with a few accessories here and there, your spinning clothes can look stylish too. Workout clothes in solid colours like this High Waisted Dance Pants can be coupled with a brightly coloured crop top. 

High Waisted Dance Pants - brasilfit activewear australia

This pristine white Laura t-Shirt can be worn with a pleated skirt and tennis shoes and you’re ready for an outdoor or picnic brunch in style. On the other hand, pair this ultra-comfy Maya Singlet with biker shorts and a chunky pair of sandals, and voila you can have a cool outfit that you can wear not only to brunch but also to the club if you wish!

Rules When Accessorising Workout Clothes

Stay Updated with Seasonal Trends

As more people are now being conscious of their health and wellness, the fashion that comes with it has changed tremendously in recent years. We are now introduced to seasonal workout trends as well. Like everyday clothes, it is important to ensure that the workout clothes we wear are appropriate for the weather. This is especially true if your workout involves exercising outdoors. You must be protected from the elements; hence workout clothes with thermal features are in during winter. Consequently, you must switch to workout clothes with light and breathable fabrics during the hotter months of the year. 

Invest in Workout Pieces that Combine Fashion and Function 

We lead very busy lives, so it can be a challenge to do outfit changes while jumping from one activity to the next. Since it is impossible to perform yoga while wearing a dress, it is ideal to invest in versatile workout clothes instead. Start with purchasing workout clothes in basic colours and designs. It is easier to accessorise and pair them with casual clothing pieces. 

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