Are You Washing Your Activewear Correctly?

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on March 09 2023

After a busy week, the last thing you want to do is dedicate extra time towards laundry. However, when it comes to activewear, such as gym clothes used for high-intensity activities or sports apparel worn on hot days, separating activewear into its own load can be beneficial in maintaining quality and preserving function over time. 

From sweat stains or lint accumulation with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, not properly washing activewear could impact the elasticity of items while reducing their wicking power which may lead to pilling after several washes. Save yourself some hassle by separating your activewear with these washing tips. 

Let Them Breathe

Taking a few extra minutes to let your activewear breathe before washing will be more than worth it when it comes time to do the laundry. As tempting as it may be to stuff sweaty clothes in the hamper and forget about them, try hanging up your crop tops, singlets, and T-shirts somewhere they can dry off properly and preferably away from other clothes. This will make cleaning easier and help eliminate any nasty smells that have built up over the course of your workout.

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Soak Your Activewear Before Washing

Maintaining the freshness of your activewear is a key part of keeping it looking like new. While everyday detergent does great for heavier fabrics, you may need something extra for activewear pieces that have been soaked with sweat and grime. White distilled vinegar can help break down even the most troublesome odours when mixed one-part vinegar to four parts water in a container and letting them soak before laundering. Alternatively, rinse off any lingering bacteria from sweaty leggings by running cool water through them prior to placing them into the hamper.

Turn Them Inside Out

Maintaining the quality of your activewear isn't as hard as it may seem. One simple tip for washing workout clothes properly is to always turn them inside-out. This way, the dirt, sweat and oils that accumulate on the inside are released during the wash cycle and you get a far cleaner garment. Plus, when clothes are washed inside-out they look newer and longer, helping you maximise the life of your favourite pair of gym shorts, yoga pants, or full length leggings. Additionally, moisture-wicking fabrics will stay flexible and absorbent, despite multiple washes. So next time you're in front of your laundry machine with a pile of gym clothes, remember to turn them inside-out and enjoy clean and fresh activewear.

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Use Cold Water to Wash Activewear

Washing your activewear in cold water is a must if you want to ensure your clothes last longer and remain breathable. Not only does the cold temperature preserve colour and shape, but it stops synthetic fabrics from quickly break down. It is also recommended that you choose a delicate cycle setting to protect the fabrics and keep them looking brand new for as long as possible even further. So, the next time you put your activewear in the washing machine, remember to set it on a delicate cycle with cold water.

Wash Similar Fabrics to Ensure Longer Wear

Washing fabrics together is the key to maintaining activewear in great condition and making them last longer. For instance, when washing synthetic items such as polyester, nylon and spandex, you should wash them separately from towels and other lint-producing pieces, as well as heavyweight items such as jeans. Not only does this help to avoid pilling, but it also helps to make sure all your fabrics stay looking new for more wear. Plus, by following a few basic laundry tips such as this one, you can feel confident that everything in your wardrobe is always ready to go.

Be Conservative with Your Detergent

If the activewear you're loading into your washing machine is extra sweaty and smelly, it can be tempting to use more detergent than recommended. However, doing so may cause residue build-up on synthetic fabrics which can lead to bacteria growth and create an ideal environment for fungus development. To ensure a hygienic clean without residues left behind, just follow the dose indicated in the cycle of your appliance, but don't forget that moisture-wicking fabric requires slightly less laundry product.

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