Take Your Fitness Game To The Next Level With These Top-Rated Gym Leggings

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on March 24 2023

Science has proven that working out produces endorphins. Simply said, exercising frequently makes you feel better and lowers your stress levels.  While all of these seem terrific, let’s be real—finding the motivation to work out is not always easy. Exercise is a crucial lifestyle decision from which your health can benefit. The decision to exercise is always the right one, regardless of whether it was persuaded or just a means of enhancing your quality of life. However, working out is never complete without the proper fitness clothes. Over the years, gym legging has gained popularity due to their versatility and the comfort it provides.

Leggings are one of the most wonderful creations in this world. And now they are no longer just the traditional black leggings. They have evolved to so many different styles too—from black to printed leggings. In this article, we will discuss how wearing this top-rated activewear can take your workout experience to the next level.

6 Printed Leggings For Your Next Workout

Aida High Waisted Under Knee

There is no such thing as too many leggings! If you are already bored with solid colours, it is time to experiment with colours. BrasilFit’s Aida High-Waisted Under Knee has an aesthetically pleasing print that you will love. It is no secret that wearing the right clothes while working out is essential to ensure maximum comfort, support, and performance. These leggings are designed with smooth hand-feel and supportive fabric to hold you in while in action. So nothing can stop you anymore from moving and hitting that fitness goal. And please, do not be scared to amp up your style the next time you go to the gym.

aida High Waisted Under Knee tights - high waisted leggings - brasilfit - activewear australia

Eden High-Waisted Leggings

Do you want to know what makes leggings the best activewear? It is because of the lasting support and flexibility they can provide to help you move around with ease, no matter what type of exercise you’re doing. This wonderful piece does not just have a gorgeous print but has added features like its side pockets where you can keep your essentials. It is breathable and made with sweat-wicking fabric that helps to keep you cool and dry even during intense workouts. So if you are someone who likes lifting weights and any strenuous exercise, this one is perfect for you. It is also antibacterial which means it would not leave you with an unpleasant odour. All you need to worry about now is getting your fitness goals on track!

Eden High Waisted Full Length Leggings with Pockets - brazilian leggings - brasilfit - activewear australia


Beatriz Mid-Calf Legging

If you are someone who goes around shopping for activewear, chances are you heard what they call sculpting or support. But what do they mean when it comes to choosing your fitness clothes? Leggings that are sculpted are usually tight fit that hugs your form. Some sculpting leggings may also have additional features such as tummy control panels or butt-lifting technology, which further enhance the sculpting effect. Trust me, if you are someone who loves doing cardio exercise, leggings with sculpting features can take your workout to the next level. Our Beatriz Mid Calf Legging with its beautiful animal print has a sculpting feature to hold you in place. Look good while grinding with this perfect piece!

Beatriz High Waisted Mid Calf Legging with Pockets - high waisted leggings - brasilfit - activewear australia

Karla High Waisted Mid-Calf Leggings

Printed tights are one of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe and a fun way to upgrade your workout to the next level. Our Karla Leggings have cool features like pockets on both sides. Non-slip high rise, flat and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness. The colour is unique and its 7/8 crop is also ideal for slim people who don't want full-length leggings that'll bunch up at the ankles. Now, who says that leggings just have to be black and dull? With these pairs, you can always have something refreshing in your wardrobe that in turn can elevate your fitness game.

Karla High Waisted Mid Calf Legging with Pockets

Ava High Waisted Leggings

We could go on and on about the qualities to seek in a fantastic pair of leggings, but it all boils down to this–fit. Nothing compares to a comfortable pair of leggings that hug you in all the right places. This one is not just aesthetic to look at. It also does its purpose, which is to give you the full range of motion during your workout sessions. You will never find exercising boring anymore when you are wearing this one with you! You can style this with a plain shirt, a sports bra, or a sweater–the possibilities are endless. Have fun styling yourself while reaching your fitness goals at the same time with our Ava Full-Length Leggings.

Ava High Waisted Full Length Legging with Pockets - high waisted leggings - brasilfit - activewear australia

Kira High-Waisted  Under Knee

Are you still on the hunt for the ultimate pair of printed tights, well you finally found it! This top-rated gym legging is the one you are looking for to take your workout to a whole new level. With a high-rise fit and elastane material, these leggings offer great support and firmness. The fabric is stretchy enough that it moves with you, as every high-quality leggings should do! Keep in mind that your leggings do not have to be one of the two: dull-looking for fun-looking but lacking functionality. Being stylish and highly functional should go hand in hand. And how about sustainability? A lot of activewear brands nowadays are making their products more eco-friendly. Just like how Kira Leggings is made with less usage of water in the production process. We aim to put the best leggings on your body and the best and most sustainable design for Mother Earth.

Kira High Waisted Under Knee with Pockets - under knee tights - brasilfit - activewear australia

Wrapping It Up

There is no limit to what you can do when you are wearing high-quality fitness clothes. The clothes you wear can add up to your fitness motivation and can turn heads in the gym.

Check out our wide collection of activewear online at Brasilfit. From high-waisted leggings, shorts, and crop tops to dance pants, you can rest assured to find high-quality and affordable workout essentials. For additional enquiries, you may call our direct line at +61 432 582 070 today.