Why Does Wearing Proper Activewear Matter?

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on March 03 2023

Does what we wear affect how we feel or how we perform? Without a doubt, we would say a big YES. Nothing is more important than feeling good about what you are wearing. Many of us want to feel comfortable, especially when we are working out. Who would not want to? But believe it or not, wearing proper activewear clothes is often neglected. Oftentimes we prioritise looking stylish or just being comfortable wearing our regular clothes during our workout session. Although there is nothing wrong with these two, fashion and comfort should go hand in hand with wearing appropriate fitness clothes.

In this article, we will help you understand why wearing proper gear for your exercise is important to your overall workout performance.

5 Reasons To Start Wearing The Right Activewear Clothes

  • Prevents Injury

    Fitness clothing has compression qualities to help facilitate blood circulation. Picking the right gear before going for an intense workout at the gym keeps you from unnecessary injury. So whether you love running the treadmill or lifting weights, you should opt for clothing that provides ample protection against impact, strain, or overheating. Choose clothing with high compression like our Brasilfit’s Alice Blue Crop Top. This type of compression wear improves blood circulation and a healthy blood flow minimises the buildup of lactic acid responsible for fatigue and soreness.

    Alice Blue Crop Top - activewear top - activewear australia - gym crop top

    • Gives You The Freedom To Move


    Have you ever tried wearing skinny jeans to your dancing class? We bet if you did, it must have felt uncomfortable. Why? Because tight clothes are not designed to provide you with the proper range of motion you need to do the task at hand. It will only hurt your performance and restrict you from moving freely this is why picking the right workout clothes is incredibly important. Leggings like our High Waisted Dance Pants are designed to give you the freedom that you need. It has a flat and elastic waistband with internal elastic for firmness and can support you in your every move. Perfect for all exercise and just about any sports activity.

    Black High Waisted Dance Pants - Activewear Australia

    • Breathable and Keeps You Dry

    It does not matter what type of exercise you do, sweat is always gonna be a natural part of it.  Sweating is our body’s way of cooling down but can result in overheating too. Wearing the right clothes is crucial to keeping your comfort level throughout the workout session. You do not want to exercise wearing too tight clothes unless you want to get soaked in your sweat. Always opt for sweat-wicking fabrics because it allows air to flow through the fibres, adding an extra layer of cooling mechanics. Choose fitness clothing like our Rubia Singlet designed with a loose fit, and soft and smooth fabric. This will keep you dry and comfortable making your training session easier and more productive.

    Rubia Singlet - gym top - activewear top - activewear australia

    • Protects You From Harmful Elements

    Running around the neighbourhood is good. A perfect way to get some fresh air and explore. However, it also comes with some uncontrollable factors like sunlight. At some level, sunlight is good for us. With its source of vitamin D, the sun helps your body regulate calcium to keep your teeth, bones, and muscles strong. Spending time with the sun outside is a good thing however, too much exposure to it can cause sunburn or even more pressing health issues. This is why it is important to wear the proper fitness clothes before stepping outside for your jogging routine. Choose clothing that includes a higher UV protection factor like High Waisted Emana Mid Calf Legging, which has UV 50+ Protection. This is made to protect your skin from the sun so you can have fun jogging almost anywhere without worrying about sunburns or irritations. 

    Laura High Waisted Mid Calf Legging with Pockets - activewear leggings - activewear australia

    • It Can Boost Confidence and Motivate You

    The right clothing can affect how you feel about yourself. For instance, when we want to nail a job interview, we put in our best suit to look and feel good. When we want to impress someone on a date, we make sure to put in our best dress. The same concept goes for wearing the proper gym outfit. The confidence that you get from the clothes you are wearing reflects on the quality of your workout session. There is a term called “enclothed cognition” which implies that the clothing a person wears can affect how they think, and their mental processes. Put simply, when you look good, you feel more confident. Investing in your gym outfit like our High Waisted Full Length Legging is one of the best things you can do for yourself. These leggings are the ultimate addition to your activewear wardrobe. It has a very subtle pattern made by weaving—not printed. It has a flattering shape, perfect for any exercise, or sport, and is a great fashionable item. Look good while punching that bag in the gym or while hitting your treadmill goal. Nothing can stop you anymore from looking good while keeping a healthy lifestyle!

    Raizes High Waisted Full Length Legging - activewear leggings - activewear australia - black leggings

    Wrapping It Up

    Choosing to wear the proper workout clothes is crucial to your overall performance. It not only keeps you from getting soaked in your sweat but also serves as your environmental protection. It keeps you safe from any injury from rigorous training. The proper clothing can take your workout experience to a whole new level. It can help you stick to a better routine and practice consistency. And most importantly, shaking up your workout fashion makes you feel more confident. 

    BrasilFit believes that there is no limit to what you can conquer when wearing fitness clothes. Check out our wide collection of activewear from leggings, shorts, and crop tops to dance pants, you can rest assured to find high-quality and affordable workout essentials. For additional enquiries, you may call our direct line at +61 432 582 070 today.