What to Wear to Your First Fitness Class

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on December 29 2022

Attending a fitness class for the first time? We know it can be a bit intimidating, but here’s a little secret: Wearing the right activewear can boost your confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or are just getting back on track, looking and feeling good can make a whole lot of difference for your self-esteem, movement, and, therefore, performance. 

We’ve come up with a quick guide on what you can wear to your first fitness class.

Stylish Yet Practical Gym Wear

While staying fit is your main goal at your fitness class, it never hurts to look your best. After all, who doesn’t love walking through the door feeling amazing wearing their gym outfit? Take note of these stylish yet practical workout clothes we recommend for your first fitness class.

Crop Top

We don’t recommend a large and loose shirt as your gym wear when working out. Not only is it too baggy, but it could also be the cause of injury. Go for activewear like a crop top for guaranteed comfort and style. Here are our top picks:

Druse Crop Top

If you’re aiming for minimalism, the Druse Crop Top is the best choice for you. Its simple and minimalistic colour is easy on the eyes, and the scoop neck and pocket at the back make it extra convenient. Plus, it’s fully breathable and has a fantastic shape retention fabric.

druse crop top - brasilfit activewear australia

Indigo Crop Top

The Indigo Crop Top has everything we want in gym wear. Adding to its breathability and comfort are its scoop neck and crossed straps at the back. It has a wide band and additional lining for extra support during intense training days. It has UV 50+ protection and supportive fabric too. The subtle geometric pattern is also an awesome additional touch.

Laura Crop Top

We can’t get enough of the gorgeous design of the Laura Crop Top. The detail in front is excellent, and we especially love the mesh detail at the back. This crop top also has a wide band and additional lining for extra support. It also has UV 50+ protection and supportive fabric.

Pink Cheetah Crop Top

Feeling a little adventurous? Go for a crop top with prints, like the Pink Cheetah Crop Top. Like some of the other crop tops, this has a wide band and additional front lining for extra support. It has a smooth hand feel and supportive fabric to hold you in while in action and, of course, UV 50+ protection.

High-Waisted Leggings

If there’s only one kind of gym apparel you can invest in, choose high-waisted activewear leggings. They support you during workouts and give you a flattering figure. Plus, high-waisted leggings won’t slip down as you move, so you won’t have to go through the struggle of pulling them up. Here are our favourite high-waisted leggings to date:

Druse High-Waisted Under Knee With Pockets

Our favourite thing about the Druse High-Waisted Under Knee With Pockets is—you guessed it—the pockets. They just make our gym outfit a lot more convenient! But aside from that, this pair also has a non-slip, high-rise, flat, and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness. It’s also antibacterial and has UV 50+ protection.

Druse High-Waisted Under Knee With Pockets - brasilfit activewear australia

Cobra High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings

You can never go wrong with long, dark-coloured leggings like the Cobra High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings. Its amazing shape retention fabric gives a supportive and flattering fit and a flat and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness.

High-Waisted Supplex Mid-Calf Leggings

If you’re not a fan of under-knee and full-length leggings, the High-Waisted Supplex Mid-Calf Leggings may be your best bet. These high-waisted leggings with inner elastic give extra support and keep things in place during any activity. Just like our other favourites, this one’s got our distinct shape retention fabric too!

Whether your fitness class has a low impact like yoga or high impact like circuit training, it matters to wear the right gym outfit. Choose among our recommendations and find yourself feeling more confident (and excited for class) than ever!

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