What to Look for When Buying Activewear

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on December 02 2022

Wearing activewear at the gym is not just to look good. It’s also to get an effective workout. Whether it’s yoga or weightlifting, what you wear can affect your movement, flexibility, and even confidence in performing. From fabric to breathability, there are a lot of factors that come into play for the best activewear apparel. Here’s a list you should consider the next time you go shopping for gym apparel.


When it comes to working out, comfort should be the most important thing to consider in activewear. After all, working out involves a lot of muscle movement and blood flow.

The clothing that you wear during a workout also affects performance. If you’re not wearing the proper comfortable outfit, your workout might be ineffective — or worse — you might face some serious injury.


Size and comfort go hand in hand. Make sure that the gym wear you buy is the right size for you. You don’t want it to be too loose because loose clothing can lead to accidents like tripping. Loose clothing also doesn’t support muscles. You also don’t want it to be too tight because extremely tight outfits can impair blood circulation, obstruct muscular activity, and cause pain. They could also be easily torn when you exercise.

The best size for activewear is one that gives you a snug fit. It should fit like a glove and let you move freely, as it gives you both comfort and support.

Moisture-wicking properties

Sweating during and after a workout feels great, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable. This is why it’s important that your gym outfit has moisture-wicking properties to help you avoid that sticky feeling. These properties resist moisture and wick away sweat from the skin. Moisture-wicking gym apparel also keeps you feeling dry and comfortable during your workout.


Breathable activewear allows you to be in top form because active ventilation lets air flow easily through the fabric.

The Teresa T-shirt is an example of breathable gym apparel.

Teresa T-shirt - activewear tshirt - gym apparel


Workout clothes have labels about their material for a reason. It matters to know what your gym apparel is made of, so you’ll know if it’s right for your fitness routine. For example, consider spandex if your workout involves a lot of stretching. You could also consider cotton if your workout needs you to stay cool.

Another reason why material matters is that workout clothes encounter a lot of sweat and moisture. You’ll need activewear that works well with the workout that you’ll do. Knowing the material also makes it easier for you to avoid itchy clothing, which irritates your skin and stops you from moving properly.

The Raizes High-Waisted Under Knee, for example, is made of 76% polyamide and 24% elastane. It also has an amazing shape-retention fabric for a supportive and flattering fit.


Working out involves doing a wide range of movements, so your activewear should be able to let you do that. Your activewear should also have sufficient compression to support proper blood flow and protect your muscles.

Antibacterial properties

When your activewear has antibacterial properties, it doesn’t only fight off bacteria that cause odour. It also protects you from harmful microbes that could lead to infection.

Workout clothes like the Alice Black Crop Top have these properties. This crop top also has a smooth hand feel and supportive fabric to hold you in while in action. Another example is the Aida High-Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets. Not only are these shorts antibacterial, but they also have a non-slip, high-rise, flat, and wide waistband with internal elastic for firmness.

Alice Black Crop Top - activewear - gym apparel

Why Does It Matter to Wear the Right Activewear?

Regular exercise does wonder for your physical and emotional well-being. If you don’t wear the right gym apparel, these benefits may be compromised. When you wear the right clothing, you get to do movements properly and develop enhanced resilience. Check out more activewear options at Basilfit online.