How Activewear Promotes Women Empowerment

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on October 27 2022

We’ve seen the rise of passion for fitness over the past couple of years, and we’re not complaining! With this movement, we see more and more women breaking the walls of sports and fitness. From Olympic medalists to everyday enthusiasts, it’s always refreshing to see women literally and metaphorically lifting the heavyweights. 

Along with this, a lot of women have also been investing in activewear that empowers them. How, you ask? We’ve listed down the ways activewear promotes women’s empowerment.

  • Activewear Empowers Women to Be Their True Selves

One thing that many of us noticed over the past few years is the growth of feminine fitness. Fashion fitness has become a trend, and we love that it promotes feminine apparel. 

The best thing about it is it empowers women to be proud of their body shapes and curves in activewear like activewear leggings and workout tops. For example, the Laura High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings with Pockets can sculpt one’s body in a way that makes them proud of their curves, while this Crop Top with Pocket has amazing shape retention fabric for a flattering and empowering fit.

Laura High Waisted Full Length Legging with Pockets

In addition to promoting pride in one’s body shape, activewear also encourages women to choose styles according to their taste. This allows them to be their true selves while staying fit and healthy. They can go for a loud and vibrant design like the Miranda Crop Top, a simple design like the Santorini Crop Top, or something in the middle like the Serena Crop Top.

Santorini Crop Top - racerback crop top
  • Activewear Motivates Women to Work Out and Stay Healthy

Who doesn’t want to dress nicely during a workout? When you are dressed well, you feel empowered and motivated to work out. Plus, dressing well is one step closer to gaining confidence! 

This confidence becomes another reason to be motivated to work out. Working out, in turn, gives you a healthier mind and body. After all, when you’re wearing something as cute as the Wild Life High-Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets or the Alto Mar High-Waisted Bike Shorts, how can you not be motivated to work out?

Wild Life High Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets

Alto Mar High-Waisted Bike Shorts

  • Activewear Makes Women Proud to Be Women

Have you noticed how a lot of fitness ads in the past targeted men and developed gym wear that matched their physique? Well, those days are gone now.

Activewear now brings focus on female fitness and gym sets that would fit women well. This, therefore, gives them confidence in themselves, makes them proud to be women, and makes them proud of their bodies.

These days, athleisure brands now focus on your relationship with your body and the right lifestyle to boost your confidence and motivation. T-shirts like the Mariana T-shirt or jackets like the Luna Jacket allow women to feel heard, therefore activating their confidence.

Mariana T-shirt - loose t-shirt - loose blouse

  • Activewear Connects Motherhood and Fitness

If you think that athleisure is only for a certain body type or stage in life, think again. You’ll also find a lot of activewear fit for women of various body shapes, such as pregnant women. Pregnancy is one of the major events and changes one’s body can go through, and this includes mental struggles as well.

Since activewear has maternity clothes, it allows the connection between motherhood and fitness, which then motivates them to stay healthy.

As many mothers also go through postpartum depression, activewear is here to remind them that they are strong. These Maternity Mid-Calf Leggings or these Maternity Under Knee Tights are some examples of workout clothes that do the job of connecting motherhood and fitness. They are made of Powertech Light for gentle support and designed with a low-rise seam at the front and an extra high rise soft double-layered waistband made of soft Amni for comfort.

Maternity Under Knee Tights

Staying fit, taking care of one’s body, embracing and loving your body type, and ultimately knowing that anything can be achieved are just some of the messages that activewear brings and resonate with every woman. 

Activewear is not just here to provide physical comfort. It also boosts you mentally and emotionally to make you feel strong, confident and empowered.

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