Fitness Wear for The New Year

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on February 17 2023

Exercise is essential for our physical and mental health, and with the added benefits of being able to do it at home, now more than ever we’re all getting fit indoors. With this increased interest in fitness, fashion has also come into focus. After all, a great outfit can make you look and feel more confident while you work out. 

Read on to learn about the hottest trends in fitness wear that are sure to be making their way into your wardrobe this year. 

Workout Rompers 

For those days when you want to be comfortable but still look put together, workout rompers are perfect. They provide full coverage and keep everything tucked away so that you can move freely. Plus, you can dress them up or down based on where you’re going after your workout, perfect for when you need an outfit that works from gym-to-street. 

Bike Shorts

For the new year, high waisted bike shorts with pockets will continue to be a hot activewear item. This trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s still going strong! Bike shorts have become increasingly popular because they provide coverage without restricting movement. And if the designer prints weren’t enough of a reason to love them, their lightweight fabric also makes them ideal for hot yoga classes or outdoor runs. 

For the new year, high waisted bike shorts are a hit on the workout trend. For instance, the BrasilFit High Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets are designed to help you transition from studio to street style seamlessly. The mid-thigh length offers coverage and comfort, combined with a non-slip high rise, flat and wide waistband for firmness. The sculpting fabric is made of TECH POWER material that offers slimming properties, UV 50+ protection, anti-bacterial technology all while being eco-friendly. Whether you’re looking to start your fitness journey or take it to the next level this new year, high waisted bike shorts provide the support and confidence you need through every move and rep.

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Activewear Dresses

Activewear dresses are the perfect solution for avoiding the dreaded dilemma of choosing a workout outfit that is both breathable and practical. The full coverage fabric will allow your body to move freely and easily when participating in high intensity activities, while still preventing unwanted wardrobe malfunctions or distractions. Many athletic styles also come with clever design elements like adjustable drawstrings or moisture-wicking fabric to make sure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your workout. Best of all, fashion-forward features like bold colors, graphic prints, and flattering silhouettes provide stylish activewear options that look just as good in the gym as they do out in the town.

Eco-Materials Over Conventional Materials

As consumers become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, there is an increasing demand for sustainable activewear made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo fiber or recycled plastic bottles. Not only do these materials help reduce environmental waste, but they’re also softer on skin and allow for better breathability during workouts. 

Bold Matching Sets

Matching sets are here to stay! Whether it’s bright colors or bold prints that catch your eye, having a matching top and bottom makes getting ready for the gym just that much easier and not to mention cuter. Plus, with such an array of styles available nowadays, from crop tops to leggings, finding something unique won't be too hard either. 

Ribbed Fabrics

2023 will bring a new emphasis on ribbed activewear, which is expected to be an extremely popular trend. The unique ribbed texture has a distinct look, providing both comfort and a fashion statement for wearers. It is also very versatile - this fabric type can be used for everything from light exercise wear to sophisticated streetwear. Additionally, the stretchiness of ribbed fabrics ensures that athletes can move freely as they exercise and engage in physical activities. Ribbed activewear like this simple yet classy Serena Long Sleeve Top is also highly breathable due to its thick but lightweight construction, helping athletes stay cool and comfortable with each workout. Virtually any color palette can be used when incorporating ribbed fabrics into garments, allowing people to coordinate with other wardrobe pieces or stand out in bold bright colors that are sure to turn heads.

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Fitness wear has come a long way in recent years and is no longer limited by boring black leggings and baggy t-shirts. From matching sets in bold colors to eco-friendly materials made from recycled plastic bottles. There is something out there for everyone's individual style preference, not only making working out more comfortable but fashionable too. So why not update your closet with these hot trends before heading off for your next sweat sesh? Check out what BrasilFit has in store for you this coming new year. With a wide range of activewear apparel, you will surely find one that fits your style, activity, and budget. For enquiries, call our direct line today on +61 432 582 070 today.