Supplex Fabric: What Is It and Why Do You Need it in Your Activewear?

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on September 29 2022

When it comes to activewear, aesthetics is not the only factor to consider. Comfort, durability, and breathability are just some of the features you should look out for if you want an optimal experience for your workout or even lounging sessions. 

One activewear fabric that has been a go-to is Supplex. Supplex is a fabric made from a blend of polyamide and elastane. The term has been going around and making waves in the activewear and athleisurewear crowd. The material is a type of  nylon knitted in a way that makes it highly durable, lightweight and breathable. 

Read on to understand what the hype is all about, and take this as your sign to jump on the Supplex train—if you haven’t already!

Why we use Supplex fabric for activewear

It is easy to understand why Supplex is a top-shelf item when it comes to activewear brands. Because it is a high-performance fabric, you can expect it to last from everyday activities to high-power training. Supplex fabric is a synthetic fabric that has the advantages of both lycra and spandex. It can be used in any action and under any conditions without worry of it stretching or changing shape.

Supplex has stretch but  it doesn’t lose its shape when you put it on or take it off. In fact, because of its lack of elasticity, Supplex is so tight that it won’t bunch up when you slip on a pair of pants or shorts, which also adds to a flattering figure! This makes them ideal for wearing under athletic clothing like compression pants and tank tops and regular workout clothes like sweatpants and t-shirts!

Part of the Supplex package is a myriad of benefits that easily make it the number one thing you reach out for when picking clothes for the gym. 
Quick pro tip: You can still have style while enjoying the benefits of Supplex. Pick out some Supplex essentials to go with your current activewear pieces.

It’s durable

The fibers in this fabric are tightly knitted, so they won't fray when you're playing sports or running outside. Because of its strength and durability, Supplex is an excellent choice for sportswear because it won't tear easily if caught on something sharp like a branch during your hike or run! 

It’s stain-resistant! 

Stains are a pain, especially if you want to look and feel fresh and confident at the gym. You won’t have to toss it to the bin after just a few washes because stains trap bacteria that cause odour!

It’s wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for

It is low-maintenance beyond the gym's walls because it doesn't need ironing as other fabrics do!

It's abrasion resistant 

One purpose of choosing the proper gym wear is protection. When energy and movement are at an all-time high, you need something to protect you from injuries and bruises caused by friction between skin and clothing items like jerseys or shorts. You will love Supplex because it won't tear easily.

It's quick drying

This feature can be vital for those who go through sweat-inducing activities often and if you profusely sweat more than usual. Athleisure enthusiasts will be glad to know they can wear their exercise clothes to a post-gym grocery run or even chill at an airconditioned café without worrying about drenched garments. 

It is lightweight

Supplex is light and soft, so it won't weigh down your body as much as other fabrics and it’s breathable and has a smooth feel, making it comfortable to wear against your skin. 

Final Thoughts

For non-gym rats, you can still enjoy the benefits of Supplex. Find the finest fabric in various activewear for women that you can wear beyond an active lifestyle, such as crop tops, biking shorts and maternity leggings.

Supplex fabric gives you all the benefits of a comfortable workout without sacrificing style or function. You’ll also move freely in them without worrying about the seams pulling apart or getting stuck on your skin while exercising. Whether or not you are a gym goer or just appreciate high-quality clothing, Supplex will keep up with you!

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