Activewear Ideas That Will Give You An Extra Push To Hitting That Fitness Goal

Written by Silva Digital


Posted on February 10 2023

We all want to stay fit and healthy. When the pandemic hits, it encourages many people to stay fit or even get started on their fitness journeys. But some days can be very draining; there are days when you just want to snuggle onto the couch or get cosy watching your favourite movie during the weekends and even eat that tempting cake on that fridge. But then you will remember you have a fitness goal to hit. Ugh! We all know the struggle and are here to help you stay on track with your goals. We have rounded up our best activewear to make you want to get up from that couch and hit the gym or go for a neighbourhood run.

Top Picks: Activewear That Will Motivate You To Work Out—A Little Bit More

Finding the motivation to work out is always challenging, especially during a rainy afternoon or on your weekends. Why work out when you can sleep, eat, or simply do nothing? But you've got to fight all those tempting ideas because you have a goal. Fight it off by buying yourself the coolest gym clothes to show off, to make you feel good while grinding.

Ava Crop Top 

You would not want to miss the gym when you wear this one, show off with this crop top designed to motivate you to reach that goal. Be more determined to be fit by wearing something that is not boring to look at and has a wide band and additional lining for extra support. Move freely without restraint because this crop top is breathable and has a supportive fabric to hold you while in action.

Ava Crop Top - brasilfit activewear - gym top - activewear australia

Pair it up with these High-Waisted Leggings with pockets, and you can never go wrong. Go for a long run or a fitness adventure in the gym looking gorgeous wearing this beauty. 

Madagascar Long Sleeve

As the coolness of winter approaches, the number of people going to the gym decreases. The motivation is slowly fading, but my friend, never let the weather beat you! So get up from that couch and work out from home. You can wear this long sleeve for extra warmth and style with its modern look. Never let the weather be a deterrent; trust us, you can still hit the goal.

Madagascar Long Sleeve - brasilfit activewear top - gym top - activewear australia

Druse T-Shirt

Next time you go for a stroll in the area or go for a quick run in the forest, remember to look fabulous with this top. Having these stylish workout clothes will give you extra to get off the couch. You never have to look dull while staying focused on your fitness goal. Stay super-motivated by choosing the right clothes.

Druse T-shirt - brasilfit activewear top - gym top - activewear australia

Dance Pants

You would not want to stop dancing with these pants, and this beauty gives you the freedom to move freely like the dancing queen you are. But this is not just for the dancing queen in you; this one is classic all-workout pants, made with high-performance fabric for amazing shape retention and with a medium rise and flared bootleg. These pants are both supportive and flattering for all exercise and any sports activity. Nothing’s gonna hold you back from working out anymore when you’ve got the right pants!

dance pants - brasilfit activewear dance pants - workout pants - activewear australia

Santorini Crop Top

You know what’s gonna look good with those dance pants, a crop top that looks incredibly gorgeous. Every workout, no matter the intensity, is always gonna make you sweat, which is fine, but what is not is wearing something that is not breathable and anti-bacterial. Brasilfit Santorini Crop Top got your back; we know the struggle of staying motivated toward the goal and ensuring you do not lose sight of it. That is why we want to give you an extra push by wearing something that is not just aesthetically pleasing but is definitely worth your money!

Beatriz High Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets

There are days when we could come up with many reasons why we should skip our fitness routine but so are the benefits of pushing it through. So running can be taxing, so why not go for a bike? There are tons of health benefits of regular cycling; a routine of 30-minute cycling a day will help in weight loss and keep you in shape. You can achieve numerous health benefits through daily cycling, such as boosting your cardiovascular function, improving overall blood circulation, and increasing muscle and joint flexibility. Part of getting and staying fit is having the attire that can keep up with your routine. BrasilFit introduces you to one of its lovely creations, its biking shorts which have pockets on both sides, perfect for your essentials. Do not let that bike sit there and collect dust, take it out for a ride wearing this fantastic creation.


Beatriz High Waisted Bike Shorts with Pockets -  brasilfit activewear shorts - gym shorts - activewear australia

Ayla Muscle Tee

Stay motivated by choosing the best singlets for women. If you want to work out without revealing too much skin yet with something breathable that will allow you to move without discomfort, this tee is for you—made with absolute comfort, breathable fabric, and a relaxed fit. Never lose sight of your fitness goal by wearing something you feel comfortable with.

Ayla Muscle Tee - brasilfit activewear top -  singlet for women - gym top - activewear australia


Achieving your fitness goal is challenging but essential if you want healthy well-being. Whatever you decide to wear, ensure you are comfortable with it and never lose sight of your goal.

We hope you find what you are looking for on your fitness journey. If you want to check out more of our workout clothes, check out our collection at